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We do things differently, and it works. We focus on 3 Items when Selling a Durango Home; Pricing, Advertising, Negotiation. This is what makes us stand out from the rest, this is what we do better.


ONE: Pricing Most homes are hardly priced appropriately. With Selling a home in Durango & Surrounding areas:Our approach, however, is different than most. We use a method termed highest price analysis, in which we scrutinize pertinent homes in three categories; a) sold homes, as per the criteria of an appraiser, b) homes that are currently under contract, and [most importantly] c) the current, active competition. We’ve got a keen understanding of exactly how these categories relate to one another. That knowledge, paired with some savvy data interpretation, is what enables us to price your home aggressively enough to sell, and get top dollar for the property.

TWO: Advertising unparalleled. All told, the approach is the same approach to market high end exotics cars, Build interest (and a lot of it), When selling a Durango Home, Advertise, Review Results and Adjust. Daily posts are made on sites that garner mass traffic, such as Craigslist combined with Social Media posts weekly, and we keep clients involved via weekly, emailed market reports showing updates and feedback. The DURANGO HOME website has detail analytics and reports to show us not only when someone is looking at your property but who. Design and aesthetic are of paramount importance; to that end, our photography, online presence and marketing materials illustrate that point impeccably.

THREE: Negotiating  It may be taught, but little can compensate for mileage and practice. Since 2009, Brett has worked deals for homes and exotic cars.  If one thing is certain, we’d simply say we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Details unraveled, our representation knows no bounds and services all needs; from first-time buyers to savvy investors, starter homes to million-dollar mansions, rentals to purchases — we practice the same passion and commitment, regardless of transaction- or project-type. Sum and substance, we represent our clients with the same fastidious dedication we’d employ in representing ourselves.

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Selling your Durango Home
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Selling your Durango Home
Most homes are hardly priced appropriately. Our approach, however, is different than most...With our tried and true 3 step process, you home will be for listed and dold with the highest level of marketing, and service.