Millennials Are Buying Homes

What really? Millennials are buying homes?…. That’s right! In the latest study from Zillow, nearly half of home buyers are under the age of 36. Although Durango is a market with higher than average home prices. Millennials are reaching their 30’s and starting a family, many turn towards home ownership.

Many realtors believe that these same millennials need to be marketed to digitally. While this is partially true: many millennials still prefer traditional methods, while keeping an online presence.

  • Control the process:

When it comes to real estate, not many know what to do. Millennials value the expert, so show them the process. Walk them through the local market and what your transaction is going to look like. The more they understand, the better the relationship.

  • Educate:

Young buyers expect you to know everything, even when you don’t. Be ready to answer any question your clients have, and if you cant… better know where to find the answer.

  • Connect resources:

Today is filled with a one-stop-shop generation. You need to be able to provide as may resources as possible to satisfy your client. Time is precious to millennials and they do not want to waste time looking for the best carpet cleaner. You will be relied on to provide them with all your best business contacts, and they trust that they will be good.

  • Be Fast:

Interestingly enough the “Silent Generation” is who expects instant responses, while only 40% of millennials expect a response in less than a day. While time is valuable this can mean you can go above and beyond and exceed expectations.

Provide answers to questions and recaps of home tours in less than 24 hours. Not only is this easy to do with the correct processes in place. It also makes you look awesome.

If you want to be the hero of real estate agents with millennials you do not need to be on Snapchat every 30 minutes. You need to be good at what you do and be attentive with what you are doing. Keep in mind that time is precious so if you are going to take their time fill it with useful information.

Be transparent with what you are doing, provide value, and most importantly: Care for your clients.


Millennials Are Buying Homes
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Millennials Are Buying Homes
Millennials are buying homes in Durango, and it is more that what you expected.
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