Month: March 2017

How Much Of My Monthly Income Should Go Towards A Mortgage

It’s a valid question… especially those looking to buy their first home. The excitement of first home buyers trying to find their dream home in un-paralleled. Though the fear of ‘Am I doing the right thing? Do I have the money? Can I afford this?’ can be a nerve racking experience. ¬†Below are tips, and […]

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Hiring Carpet Cleaners in Durango?

Looking for a Carpet Cleaner in Durango? Ask these questions first… Let’s face it… We’ve all been there… Looking at your stain filled carpet wondering, “I can hire someone to come out? Or should I just get a rental from City Market?” ¬† Although that may seem like a cost effective, do-it-yourself idea… Often times […]

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Millennials Are Buying Homes

What really? Millennials are buying homes?…. That’s right! In the latest study from Zillow, nearly half of home buyers are under the age of 36. Although Durango is a market with higher than average home prices. Millennials are reaching their 30’s and starting a family, many turn towards home ownership. Many realtors believe that these […]

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