Home Buying Is Like Dating (Kinda)

Is it love? There’s something about it: The sweat on the palm of your hands, the feeling of not knowing what is going to come next. You search the web top and down, to find “The One,” and when it is all said and done… You find a match made in heaven, or you continue searching…looking for the one you are waiting for.

Life is like dating:

I had a professor once that said “Life is like dating.” At the time it is hard not to think of this kooky professor as giving you cheesy ways to describe how life will be after college. Then you grow up (or try too), and one day you realize, “my kooky professor is right.” Everything in life can be one big analogy of dating: have you bought a home? Did it go something like this?

The Search: The Leap

You have decided to take the leap, your looking for “the one.” This is a big step in itself. You have made the mental decision to take a step forward in life.  Now what? There are tools and resources at your disposal to help you. Your search the Internet to get an idea of what you like: You find a style, size, and features that are important to you. This could be the perfect match…where is this diamond in the rough?

You need help, so you find someone to be there, walk you through this process, and keep you head up when times are low. This person scours the town, looking for the best fit just for you. Sometimes it takes days, or months but you know when you see the one you need.

First Date: Is It A Match?

You found the it; modern style, with all the right assets, even a little roughage on the sides, “love that scruff.” It is time for the first date and you are nervous, “What if it smells funny?” After all nothing is as good as it seems on the outside…right?

You walk up to the door, and a breath of fresh air comes you. It’s your first date. Presentable, clean, safe, a real catch. One you could really show off to your parents. Is a second date in the question? Absolutely.

Getting to know you: The Small Details

You decide to take the next step, let’s make sure this can work out? You make sure you are pre-qualified; get your nails done, your hair colored, you have everything in order… This could be the real deal, you really like it. There are a couple issues though, what is he wearing? Some new paint is in order. This though, is minor, easily fixable and will just take some getting use to… After all this is the one dreams are made of.

Engagement: Jump Right In

Wow, you decide you want to take the leap, you want to spend the rest of your life with him. Sure there are a few issues but thats alright, you work through them. A date is set, you are ready to close the deal. What now? Aren’t you happy you have your agent. Your agent is organizing, managing and helping you get through all the sticky details and legalities. Who knew such a big commitment included so much work?

Every once in a while things come up that make you question if you are doing the right thing. He doesn’t get along with his brother? There must be a small crack in the foundation, we need to patch up. You work through it, negotiate, and your agent is right by your side.

The Big Day:

So its the big day, closing day, the exchanging of vows. All that work you put in has finally paid off. You went through the entire process; the commitment to taking the next step, the research, the engagement, and all of it leads up to this… This is not to say there is not going to be challenges, but you will work through them. Sometimes, things don’t work out though, and you are ready for a change: something rustic, a little more experience. If this happens it’s OK, you still have someone by your side… Your agent which was there for you in the beginning.

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Home Buying Is Like Dating
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