Fresh Smells Help Sell Your Home

Do you remember? Walking in the front door from school and the smell of fresh baked cookies surrounding you as you enter your home. Your taste buds go into hyper drive, mouth waters and all of a sudden everything is good your little world.

How is it that we are so linked to smell?

Probably more so than any other senses, your smell is closely linked to your memory. Smells get routed to your olfactory bulb which is closely connected to two brain regions that control memory and emotion. For this reason a fresh smell of cookies, or laundry detergent, or lavender can transport your prospective buyers into a state of euphoria.

Before the showing:

  • Open windows in the home to circulate the air. Nothing quite says “buy me!” like the smell of stale air from a vacant home you have listed.

While windows are open:

  • Use a diluted solution of lavender hard service cleaner on the hardwood floors. Lavender has calming qualities, and will take away the edge of entering a home someone has never seen.
  • Clean litter boxes and move them away from foot traffic.
  • Spray linen freshener in closets, for a crisp refreshing smell.

While windows are closed:

  • Bake a batch of fresh chocolate chip cookies, Tollhouse will do, and wait for the “oh it smells so good,” comments to roll in. Stay away from nuts… Nothing ruins a showing like a nut allergy.
  • Winter months? Place a pot on the stove with cinnamon, orange, clove and water. Smells just like Christmas!
  • If your sellers let you, wash some towels with Downy Unstopables. It’ll Freshen up the air in the home and the outside as well
  • (Be sure to shut off the oven/ stove)

Before they arrive:

  • Hang the fresh towels in the bathrooms, flush all toilets and put down the cover, open all curtains and turn on the lights.

Now you are all set to show your home! Get people feeling good, and get the sell.

Fresh Smells Help Sell Your Home
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Fresh Smells Help Sell Your Home
Fresh baked cookies and laundry? Some of the best items to help sell your home
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